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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode 56 - Ken Daneyko Interview Part 2

I've decided to drop the season and episode designation; this is the 56th one overall and either way it's a new episode of Talking Red no matter how it's defined. This latest episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast is split into two parts.

The first part has David Sarch, Tom Stivali, and Steve Palumbo discuss the recent week of Devils hockey prior to today's 4-3 loss to Tampa Bay. That was a week where the Devils won in Montreal and Toronto, honored Doc Emrick, lost to Vancouver, and made the trade for defenseman Marek Zidlicky. The second part consists of the rest of the Ken Daneyko interview with David Sarch and myself. It's a longer part that focuses more on Daneyko's career, including a choice section on how he kept re-signing with he Devils over the years among other interesting bits of information.

Big thanks goes out to Ken Danyeko to spending as much time as he did with David and me for the interview. Thanks also goes to Steve Palumbo and Tom for appearing as well as for David for putting it together.

This week's episode is larger (70.59 MB) and longer (1:17:06) than usual. You can get it directly at the TR website, through iTunes and Stitcher, or continue on after the jump to hear a stream of this week's episode. You can give us your comments and questions to talkingred at gmail dot com, tweet them to @TalkingRed, or just leave them here in the comments of this post. Here's David's description of the show:

On this week's episode, David is joined by Tom Stivali and Steve Palumbo. They discuss a busy week for the team, including 2 wins and the trade for new defenseman Marek Zidlicky. The episode is a lot longer than normal because it has an extra 40 minutes of interview with Devils legend Ken Daneyko. He talks about his relationship with Scott Gomez, his feelings going into the first Stanley Cup Finals, and so much more.

Thanks for listening.