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Devils in the Details- 2/22/12: We're Number Two Edition

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Your links for today

Recaps from last night's game [Fire and Ice][Devils][Devils Army Blog][RWTD][Pension Plan Puppets][Globe and Mail]

Zach Parise, as well as everyone else appreciated David Clarkson sticking up for him [Fire and Ice][]

Alexei Ponikarovsky wouldn't mind re-signing with the Devils [Fire and Ice]

Breaking Down the Devils 1st goal [The Leafs Nation]

A mystery man is willing to pay off the Devils $80 Million debt. [NY Post]

Was Dion Phaneuf's hit dirty? [Backhand Shelf]

An ode to the craziness of the trade deadline [deadspin]

Gabriel Landeskog is a huge Justin Bieber fan. He just lost points in my cool book [Barry Melrose Rocks]