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2012 Trade Deadline: The Devils Future Draft Picks

What's up your sleeve Lou??? (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
What's up your sleeve Lou??? (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The NHL Trade Deadline is ten days away. It becomes a frantic time for fans, media, and teams in the upcoming days. Fans and media try to get whatever news the quickest. Teams look to improve their run into the playoffs or into the playoff picture and teams trying to dump players looking to rebuild with young players and draft picks.

The last couple of years have been different for the Devils. Two years ago saw "rental" Ilya Kovalchuk come to New Jersey. Last season had speculation that the Devils may go fire sale after their horrendous season, yet only parted with Jason Arnott (and Jamie Langenbrunner earlier in the season).

This year however, the Devils are in a buyers spot. Hovering around the 6 spot in the Eastern Conference, Lou may be looking to once again get an addition to help the team in the coming 40-50 days left of the regular season and the playoffs. He's been busy this season already, acquiring defenseman Kurtis Foster and winger Alexei Ponikarovsky. There's already been rumors involving the Devils (wait..rumors involving the Devils?!?) in which Marek Zidlicky wanted to come to New Jersey. He's been scratched and awaits his destiny, as does Pavel Kubina.

If the Devils were to make a move, they have plenty of draft picks available is a team is willing to go that route. I thought I would take the time to inform fans what picks the Devils actually have. They have made a lot of moves in the past year that it becomes confusing at times. After the jump are the future draft picks of the Devils.

2012 NHL Draft:

Round Team Notes
1st NJ
2nd NJ
2nd WSH Arnott Trade
3rd NJ
4th TOR Steckel Trade
5th NJ
5th CGY Leblond Trade
6th NJ

The two New Jersey picks - their 4th round and 7th rounder - went to Carolina for Ponikarovsky and Anaheim for Foster respectively. Overall, that additional 2nd rounder is huge bait for the trade deadline. If the Devils need to sweeten a deal, they could still throw a 4th or 5th out there. The Devils are in good position from a draft pick standpoint to acquire someone in the next ten days.

The Devils may have another pick for this year's draft that may come in handy come the deadline. Remember that blockbuster trade where the Devils sent Tony Romano to the Islanders in exchange for Ben Walter in summer of 2009? No? Well shame on you. From the Devils end, they were getting Walter and "future considerations." Per the Islanders news release way back then, it's a conditional 2012 draft pick. Who knows that the condition was or if it still holds water, but keep in mind Romano still plays in the Islanders organization. The Devils may have a secret pick coming, and thus further bait.

The Devils have neither given up nor obtained draft picks for 2013. Also remember the Devils still have to surrender a 1st round pick becuase of the Koval-saga. They have to choose between this years, next years, or 2014's.

Consider this a reference post for possible trades. If the Devils do make a trade, you now know which possible picks the Devils will give up.

What do you think about the Devils draft pick bank? Is there enough to make a good enough trade to actually benefit the team? They have already traded for a specialty defenseman and a depth forward this season - will they go further? What do the Devils need? Who do you want? (You can play Lou but keep it reasonable...No Brodeur for Rick Nash...uh oh e3). Thanks for reading.