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Devils in the Details- 2/17/12: Handi-Quacks Edition

Your (crippled) links for today

The Anaheim Ducks' 2011-2012 seasons seems awfully familiar... [Puck Daddy]

The Devils understand where the streaking Ducks are coming from [Fire and Ice]

Buying in to Peter DeBoer's system has been part of the Devils success this season [Fire and Ice]

Adam Larsson isn't ready to return yet [Fire and Ice][]

With Ilya Kovalchuk having a great season, here's a look back at 10 of the best Devils seasons [Down Goes Avery]

Forget Tebowing, start Kovy-ing [Devils Army Blog]

Jeremy Lin could be a saviour for Devils fans who have Time Warner Cable [Puck Daddy]

No guys, the dead puck era isn't back [Pension Plan Puppets]

Milan Lucic's church in Vancouver has been vandalized by Canucks fans. I have a serious question- can Bruins and Canucks fans stop crying over spilled milk? Geez. [Canucks Army]

Scott Gomez has more of something than many other hockey players do- a celebrity tenant [PHT]