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Devils in the Details- 2/14/12: Delicious Pancakes Edition, Part Two

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Your (delicious) links for today

Peter DeBoer says the Devils are looking for scoring depth [Fire and Ice]

Andy Greene has been solid since his return from the IR []

Martin Brodeur changed his pads up, and it's made him more successful []

Stephane Veilleux has been recalled. Which means they won't be booing in Buffalo tonight, they'll be Veilleuxing [Fire and Ice]

If you're a sports marketing student, the Devils are hosting their 2nd "Deca Sports Marketing Night" on March 15th [Devils Army Blog]

Dustin Penner serves delicious pancakes at an IHOP [Globe and Mail]

Zac Rinaldo gets a two game suspension for stirring the pot against the Red Wings [PHT]

The Penguins Twitter asked- when did you become a Pens bandwagoner fan? [SBNation]

And seeing as it's Valentines day... NHL Valentines Day Cards [Days of Y'Orr]