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Devils in the Details- 2/1/12: Kovy West Edition

Your links for today, all of which will interrupt Deb Placey mid-sentence

Recaps from last night's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils][Blueshirt Banter]

Andy Greene was a pretty big factor in last night's game [Fire and Ice]

Zach Parise says the Devils haven't started making negotations with him about a new contract []

The Devils Mission Control has won a pair of awards [PHT]

Creative Trash Talking- Paul Gaustad talks to Max Pacioretty about his latest encounters with hulking Slovaks and Stanchions [Puck Daddy]

Turns out Scott Hartnell isn't the only person who likes talking smack to Dion Phaneuf (NSFW Language) [Pension Plan Puppets]