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Devils in the Details- 1/7/12: Imploding Defensemen Edition

Here's your links for today

Recaps of Last Night's Action [Fire and Ice][][Devils][Litter Box Cats]

Previews for Tonight's Game [Fire and Ice]

The Swedes and Russians on the Devils had a bit of fun watching the world juniors [Fire and Ice][]

Cam Janssen once challenged Krys Barch to a fight on twitter. They played each other last night. AWKWARD []

Nick Palmieri has been recalled [Fire and Ice]

Jon Merrill has been reinstated in Michigan. Which means he's probably not going to leave for Plymouth [Fire and Ice]

Brian Burke thinks with Enforcers gone, Rats (i.e. Kaleta, Carcillo) will take over the game [SBNation NHL]

NHL realignment has been delayed because the NHLPA doesn't approve []