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Talking Red: Interview with E.J. Hradek

Sunday was the return of Talking Red, and we have a special mid-week episode.  Last night, David and I had the privilege to talk preseason hockey with E.J. Hradek, an analyst at and a host of NHL Live. You can see E.J. and NHL Live on the NHL Network; and you can read Hradek's columns regularly at on Tuesdays and Fridays - here is his archive on the site.

In this 50:58 long, 23.33 MB large interview, David and I ask E.J. Hradek about Adam Larsson, Jacob Josefson, Peter DeBoer, and how big the challenge the Devils have in front of them. We then discuss the other four teams in the Atlantic Division and how many teams from there will make it into the postseason.  The interview concludes with a few questions about whether Detroit can remain successful, whether Los Angeles will ever sign Drew Doughty, what to expect from the new Winnipeg Jets, and whether Vancouver can get back to where they were last season.   

You can get the episode directly from the Talking Red website site here. As usual, you can also continue after the jump to listen to a stream of the show.

A big thanks to E.J. Hradek for coming on to Talking Red to talk hockey.  Let us know what you think of the interview in the comments.  Thank you for listening.