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Devils in the Details - 9/19/11

Your daily dose of Devils links...

  • Travis Zajac's injury could mean an opening for Jacob JosefsonFire & Ice
  • David Clarkson and Matt Corrente hope their summer work pays off on the ice - Fire & Ice
  • Chemistry between players is starting to form at camp - Fire & Ice
  • Matt Taormina wants to "wow" you this season -
  • Pucks and Pitchforks has their optimistic Devils preview - Pucks and Pitchforks
  • While Puck Daddy relates the Devils to a Harrison Ford movie in their preview - Puck Daddy
  • For the captain, their is one logical choice - New York Post

Question of the Day: if you had to choose one player not named Zach Parise to be captain, who would it be?