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Devils in the Details - 9/16/11

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Your daily dose of New Jersey Devils & other interesting links...

  • Petr Sykora has been invited to camp, but he's not taking it for granted. - Fire & Ice
  • Adam Larsson is also excited, looking forward to learn in his first NHL training camp. - Fire & Ice
  • The NHL released a social media policy - not that it'll really affect the Devils. -
  • Greg Wyshynski had a short chat with Donald Fehr of the NHLPA about various league issues. - Puck Daddy
  • What can Devils prospect & Michigan defenseman Jon Merrill do? What doesn't he do? . - Inside College Hockey
  • Need more season previews? Triumph has you covered with what could be the 4 worst teams in hockey in 2011-12. The Devils aren't one of them, so that's a plus right there (please don't be in bottom third). - Driving Play
  • Kevin Allen openly asked 10 general questions as training camp begins, the Devils occupy #5 (and has a positive outlook for it) - USA Today
  • Old, but now relevant again as the season comes closer: How often does the best NHL team win the Stanley Cup? - Objective NHL
  • Not A Link: Season ticket holders, you either have your tickets or they're sent out already. I got mine yesterday and they look pretty cool.
  • Also Not A Link But A Question: The Devils' new marketing slogan is "Get Your Jersey On." In a word: ugh. Still: What does "getting your Jersey on" mean to you?