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Coming Soon: The SBNation App for Your iPhone

I want to take a little moment of your time to make you aware that SBNation is going to be coming out with a brand new mobile application (or app) for your iPhone soon.   This application will allow you to better read SBNation and your favorite blogs on the network - like this one - on your iPhone.  Here's a video that explains the upcoming app.

How much will this app cost you? Nothing.  It'll be free. 

The app has been submitted to Apple for review. Once approved, it'll be available in their app store in a few short weeks, and you'll be able to use this for your iPhone.  What about of those (like me) who does not have an iPhone? Don't worry. After this comes out, the fine people at SBN will be working on a SBNation app for the Android platform with all of the additions, fixes, and other lessons learned from the first iPhone release.  

If you have any questions or suggestions on what you'd like to see, please bring them up in the comments. Thanks for reading.