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Official: Johan Hedberg Re-Signed by New Jersey Devils for 1 Year, $1.25 Million

This is actually somewhat old news. Tom Gulitti got the word out a little past 1 PM today that the New Jersey Devils re-signed Johan Hedberg to a one year deal.  So why was there such a long delay in a post about this contract?  At the time of writing this, it was still unknown as to what the contract is actually worth.  (Update: It's known, read below, and just skim over this opening.)  It's not publicly known what the cap hit will be.  I was hoping that after Andy Greene's cap hit was revealed, this one would follow; but apparently not.   I prefer to reserve judgment on a contract until both the length and basic cap hit are revealed.  It's not enough just to get the player for some length, but to know what it will cost the team.   Since the Devils need plenty of space to sign their qualified restricted free agents and to re-sign Zach Parise, Hedberg's cap hit will make a difference in what to think about the team being re-signed.

While that information is not released at the time of writing, let me offer my general thoughts about the Devils re-signing Johan Hedberg. I like it.  He did well enough last season with a 91.2% save percentage.  Hedberg wasn't a sieve after October, and he decently limited the softies allowed as I discovered in my video review of all the goals he let up last season.  Not only was he OK last season on his own, he stacked up fairly well compared to most of the UFA goalies on the market this summer.   In that post in April, I said the re-signing Hedberg was a good idea; and so I like the idea that he's re-signed for a year.  I'm sure some Devils fans would prefer someone younger for a long-term option, but there wasn't really anyone good on the market this summer that would fit the bill. Should he falter, well, it's only a one year deal, so it will only be a short-term issue. 

Of course, what he actually will get on this one year deal will determine how much I like it.  Let's take a look at his last contract to guess what it might be. Per CapGeek, Hedberg made $1 million in salary last season with a $500,000 performance bonus, which made his cap hit $1.5 million.  I'm doubtful he would take a pay cut in salary, especially, so I'm hoping it's just a straight-up $1 million cap hit.  Less would be good, I just wouldn't hope for it.   Whatever it is will eat a chunk into the "Parise & RFAs" cap space allotment for 2011.

7/2, 1 PM EST UPDATE: Per Frugis in the comments, it was revealed today by Mark Everson in the NY Post that Hedberg's contract is worth $1.25 million.  This has since been confirmed by Tom Gulitti on Twitter (thanks to HockeyWeasel in the comments) with the additional two details: the contract has no bonuses and a no-trade clause (really); and that Hedberg had other offers with more money and/or years but he wanted to remain in New Jersey.  I'm not surprised or too bothered with the cap hit as it's a little better than his cap hit last season ($1.5 million).  He certainly earned his $1 million salary in 2009-10, so a little raise at the cost of bonuses is understandable.  Either way, it fuels the notion that someone on this roster is going elsewhere since this brings the Devils' cap space down to about $7.82 million.

When details about his cap hit come out, I will update this post.  Until then, What do you think about the New Jersey Devils re-signing Hedberg for another year? Are you pleased to see him as the team's backup for another season?  Do you think they should have went with someone else, and if so, who (and I suppose, how)?  Are you just happy that you'll be able to yell "MOOOOOOOSE" for another season among Devils fans and not feel weird about it?  Please leave your answers and other thoughts about this re-signing in the comments. Thanks for reading.