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Austin Wuthrich: 2011 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

When you think of Alaska, you probably won't think of hockey players- but rather the bitter cold. Alaska might not be the front-runner in producing hockey players, but it has produced NHLers like Brandon Dubinsky, Ty Conklin, Matt Carle and former Devils first round pick Scott Gomez. Today's profile will be on another Alaskan hockey player- right winger Austin Wuthrich.

Who is Austin Wuthrich














Austin Wuthrich is a right winger who plays for the US National Development team's U-18 team. Wuthrich has spent a lot of time this season on the shelf, mainly due to a broken leg he suffered in the second game of his season. This has affected him in a pretty bad way- there's not a lot of info on Wuthrich simply because not a lot of people have seen him play this season. I talked to Kirk Luedeke about Wuthrich at the combine- even he didn't have much to say about Wuthrich, simply because he didn't see him play alot. However, despite all the broken legs and lack of scouting, Wuthrich recieved a scholarship from Notre Dame, and will be joining their hockey program in the fall.

What people have been saying

"The hard-working forward will bring size and skill to the Irish lineup. Wuthrich has a strong accurate shot with good hockey skills. He will add scoring depth to the Notre Dame roster beginning this fall"-'s sports editor

"Austin was injured for most of the 2010-11 season but we saw him play with Team Illinois before he joined the national program and at the beginning of last season before he was hurt. He's a highly competitive player with good hockey instincts and skills. I like his tenacious style and the way he competes. He can be an effective player with or without the puck."- Notre Dame head coach Jeff Jackson


Wuthrich fights Kevin Irwin

An opinion of Sorts on Wuthrich

To be frank, I can't really give much of an opinion on Wuthrich. From the very little information i've got on him, he looks like he can be a good 3rd liner or potentially a 2nd liner. He has decent size, and can only improve on it once he reaches Notre Dame. However, if anything, Wuthrich could be a guy many teams pass on simply because of their lack of knowledge on him. The Devils could be the team that rolls the dice on him and gets a decent player. Considering that central scouting has him ranked 81st overall, they must have seen something good in him that many others didn't.

Should the Devils draft Wuthrich? Personally, I hope so. Wuthrich provides the Devils some much needed help in an organizational weakness- right wingers. The Devils prospect pool on the right side is terribly weak, especially considering Nick Palmieri has graduated from the prospect pool.  Wuthrich gives them a quality player to fill a weak point in the organization's depth charts.

NHL player I'd compare him to...

Tuomo Ruutu: Big, skilled, agitating forward with offensive upside.

Your Opinion

If Austin Wuthrich was available in the 3rd round, would you draft him? Would you "overdraft" someone like Magnus Hellberg instead of Austin Wuthrich? Do you think the Devils lack of prospects who are right wingers will make them want to consider taking Wuthrich? Thanks for reading.