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In Lou We Trust Playoff Challenge - Conference Finals Start Tonight!

Thank you San Jose. Without you I would have went 0-4 for the second round.

The second round wasn't as nearly extraordinary as the first round, but still extremely exciting. I mean the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers both swept? Vancouver didn't crap the bed between games 4 and 6; that was San Jose's turn this round. They pulled "a Canuck" winning the first three, losing the next three, and then taking care of business in the always crucial game 7. So San Jose will visit Vancouver and Tampa will go north to Boston for the first two games. I hope the Eastern Conference battle ends up being a goaltenders duel..both Thomas and Roloson have been amazing.

The third round, the conference finals begin tonight, so if you haven't already submitted your picks yet, do it before 8 p.m. EST.

Here are the league standings.If you recall what I said after the first round in regards to where I stoop in the standings:

Oh and by the way - I'm ChicoEatsAllYourFood - Get some.

Well I only scored 32 points last round, dropped way down in the standings to the second page, and I need to be close to perfect this round - Need some.

After the jump is the top 10 standings - you'll find the same leader as before - Parise4President.

Entry Round One Round Two Conf. Finals Stanley Cup Total
Parise4President 122 76 - - 198
Devilicious 105 86 - - 191
Hutch519 102 86 - - 188
nyynygnjd 90 86 - - 176
docnchico 110 64 - - 174
Devilssection21fan 85 86 - - 171
TanisBP 112 56 - - 168
rangerssuckflyersswallow 87 80 - - 167
Devil 97 68 - - 165
TommyS 110 54 - - 164

Discuss who you like or don't like in the match-ups this round. Who is the best team? Who's playing the Stanley Cup Finals in a couple weeks? How are you doing in the standings? What team or who, helped/hurt you last round?