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Talking Red: Episode 27

For this episode, David is back at the host and he was joined by Ryan Lucas and Tom Stivali, discussing  the past week in New Jersey Devils hockey.  Here's the direct link to the episode on the Talking Red website.  This week's episode is 44:38 long and 20.43 MB large.  Here's the description of this week's epsiode:

On this week's episode, David is back and joined by Ryan and Tom of In Lou We Trust.  They discuss the mathematical elimination of the Devils from the playoffs and vent their frustration on the process.  It's been over 15 years since they missed the playoffs.  For David and Ryan, the first experience of a non-Devil playoff spring as adults, it's a weird feeling to say the least.  There is some excitement though with the return of Zach Parise and the depth at top 9 forwards for next year.

As usual, you can email your comments and questions to talkingred at gmail dot com or tweet them to @TalkingRed. After the jump, you can listen to a stream of this week's episode right here.  Feel free to add your thoughts on the show in the comments.  By the way, since I mentioned I would mention them later, the scoring chance counts for the last two games are available: here's Todd the Fox' count of Friday's Devils-Flyers at Broad Street Hockey (Devils out-chanced the Flyers, which surprised me) and here's Olivier's count of saturday's Devils-Canadiens game at En Attendant les Nordiques (Devils got out-chanced significantly, which should surprise no one).