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In Lou We Trust Playoff Challenge - Second Round Begins Tonight!

Well that first round was certainly interesting. And exciting!

Some of you were probably loving the fact Vancouver was up 3-0, Montreal was up 2-0 (and heading home), and Pittsburgh was up 3-1. Each of those series ended up going the distance and a couple went even further than that. And some of you were probably not loving it anymore. This was one of the best first rounds in recent memory. Half of the match-ups went seven games and the NHL and fans saw nine straight nights (and counting) of at least one game being deciding in overtime.

Now, we are down to eight teams. Washington will play Tampa Bay. Philadelphia will play Boston. Vancouver will play second round virgin Nashville. And Detroit will play San Jose. Get you picks in today by 9 p.m. EST (Vancouver hosts Nashville - the only game tonight). Remember, the points double now - choosing the correct team is worth 20 pts and selecting the series length is another 10. The seed number bonus points still apply as well.

So how did everyone do in the first round? Take a look yourself.

Here's the Top 10 after the jump.

Entry Round One Round Two Conf. Finals Stanley Cup Total
Parise4President 122 - - - 122
Seattle Devils 115 - - - 115
TanisBP 112 - - - 112
alan's bracket 110 - - - 110
ChicoEatsAllYourFood 110 - - - 110
docnchico 110 - - - 110
TommyS 110 - - - 110
Medwings 109 - - - 109
pgrmdave 107 - - - 107
ByeByeRangers 107 - - - 107


All of these players and pretty much most of you on the first and second page are still in it. The three of you who forget to fill out your first round bracket - you have some catching up to do....

Oh and by the way - I'm ChicoEatsAllYourFood - Get some.

Again, get your picks in!!! Talk about where you are - what your team name is too. What teams hurt/helped you? Who are you picking in the second round (of you want to disclose that info).  Boast, complain, whatever - just keep it clean.