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New Jersey Devils win the Draft Lottery- Initial Reactions From the Twitterverse

3.6% chance? Even Steve Tambellini is wondering how they did it
3.6% chance? Even Steve Tambellini is wondering how they did it

Even after the season ended, the Devils have found a way to continue winning- by winning the Draft Lottery, moving the team from 8th overall to 4th overall. This pick will give the Devils their highest first round pick since 1991, where they drafted 3rd overall- and they were able to acquire future hall of fame Defenseman Scott Niedermayer. My quick thoughts- this is GREAT! The Devils go from 8th overall, where they've got a much harder time to pick out whomever they want. But with the 4th overall pick, the Devils can perhaps get a guy like Gabriel Landeskog or Sean Couturier with their pick rather than hoping for someone they want like Ryan Strome or Dougie Hamilton to be available then.

While this also means that the Devils can grab my draft favourite Ryan Strome with the 4th overall pick, they've also got more options now. There's also the chance that Colorado, Florida or Edmonton passes on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Larsson and the Devils are able to snag them- highly unlikely, but if it happens then we've got more reason to celebrate. Even if they don't drop, having a better chance at one of the better prospects would be great, as there are some guys who i'd really love to see wearing a Devils uniform in the future. After this season and everything the team's gone through, the Devils winning the draft lottery is something that will be great for us- a great prospect who will be NHL ready very soon, to go along with some of our other prospects like Jon Merrill, Adam Henrique and Alex Urbom. Reaction to this news from the twitterverse after the jump.

The Devils had a 3.6% chance of winning the lottery. Lesson here: NEVER CROSS LOU.- Pro Hockey Talk's oe Yerdon

Woooo Ottawa even [deleted] up the lottery! Thank you Craig Anderson!- Dany Heatley Speedwagon from Scarlett Ice.

@wyshynski Your team is dead to me.- Ryan Classic from Silver Seven Sens


Not even Gary Bettman could keep us from winning the lottery but he tried.- Chris Wassel from the Program

Worst thing to happen to Ottawa? Craig Anderson pushing their 'guaranteed' top 2 pick to 6th? or Bryan Murray sticking around?- PPP from Pension Plan Puppets

"The Devils? [um...]?" Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski