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Filed under: Playoffs Challenge - Join the In Lou We Trust League

The NHL Playoffs are among us. Unfortunately Devils fans are in the rare situation of not being apart of them this season. I know, it's weird. What do we do? What can we do? I'm freaking out man!!!

Well we are in luck. First off, In Lou We Trust isn't shutting or slowing down since there is tons to talk about and discuss this off-season (Draft, Parise, Coaching search, Parise, Free agency, Parise). Second, we as a community can still have some competitiveness during the playoffs. created a Playoffs Challenge for fans. You pick the winners (as well as in how many games) each round and gain points. Bonus points are awarded if you guess the correct amount of games along with getting more points if you select lower seeded teams. The prizes are cool - Grand Prize wins a stick hockey table if you are the best among every fan to submit an entry, with some gift certificates to going to first and second place winners.

So register to if you haven't already and get to it! I created a private league for us ILWTers called, you guessed it - In Lou We Trust. The password is "lamoriello" (no quotes or caps). The rules, point system, and prizes are all there for you to read. Join up, and select your picks.

We'll have a friendly competition to keep us more occupied during the playoffs. Good luck everyone. Oh and if you win the league, there may be a prize....