A Fresh New Scoreboard Watch

Another week, another fresh set of games we need others to lose. Unfortunately we're rooting for a ton of road teams this week. Off we go!

Teams to root for in bold. (Record of teams we're rooting for: 3-4)


Isles at Rags - Let's hope the Isles keep playing well this week as they have two big games for us. The Rags are clinging to that last spot for dear life and having the Devils replace them would be a dream come true.

Canes at Sabres - It seems that a ridiculous number of games have been ending after regulation of late. Hopefully this isn't one of them. (Update: Public opinion seems to be steering this one towards a toss-up, so when all else fails, root for someone to win in regulation)


Leafs at Canes - The Leafs have cooled off and the Canes are ice cold of late, which is good news for the Devils. It's possible the Devils could jump both of these teams (as well as the Thrashers) by weeks end.


Flyers at Thrashers - Just when you think you can't hate the Flyers any more, they start tanking against every team you need them to beat. Don't be shocked if this is another loss.

Leafs at Panthers - As expected, the Panthers have fallen off after dismantling the team at the deadline, but they have a couple good wins of late; lets hope they continue that trend.


Canadiens at Rags - Fashionista Sean Avery has added a new title to his list: nuisance, crass jerk, apparent Eskimo brother of Dion Phaneuf, and now, suit salesman. No relevant hockey point there, Avery just continues to be delightfully hateable.

Isles at Canes - The only team the Isles have lost to in their last six is the Devils (twice), so I'm optimistic they can do some work for us this week.


Thrashers at Sabres - The Thrashers produce an absolutely silly amount of three-point games. Twenty-five (!) to be exact.

Bruins at Leafs - Hopefully Zedeno Chara doesn't get nabbed by the fuzz at the Canadian border before the game, because I would prefer the B's won this one.


Rags at Penguins - SIDNEY CROSBY IS SKATING! Ring the church bells! The Messiah has returned! Scott Burnside's heart is all aflutter!

Predators at Sabres - The Preds are in the middle of the muck that is the West playoffs race, so they should be extra motivated to help out and provide a Buffalo loss for us.

So there's the week, comment on the week's action below so as not to incur John's wrath in the gamethreads. As always, Go Devils!

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