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The 2011 NHL Trade Deadline & the New Jersey Devils Open Thread

Welcome to the 2011 NHL Trade Deadline.  The New Jersey Devils and all other 29 teams in the National Hockey League have until 3 PM EST to submit their paperwork to the league for any trades.   Consider this to be a catch-all open thread for all of the events that happen today.  Be it trades involving the Devils or involving other teams that will affect the Devils or any other trade deadline deals.

While it's great the Devils have went 11-1-1 in February and aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, I personally still think they should be sellers. As I've said in the latest episode of Talking Red, what I want is a second round pick.  The Devils don't have one outside of the conditional pick they got from Dallas in the Jamie Langenbrunner deal.  However, I'm doubtful that Dallas either re-signs him before the draft or makes it past the first round of the playoffs.  Picking up a second round pick alone would guarantee the Devils would have one in 2011 and if it turns out to be an extra one, then so be it.  I would be pleased with that alone if it comes to that. Anything else, like clearing cap space for 2011-12, would be extra.

Given that Jason Arnott has publicly hinted at a potential move in these posts by Rich Chere and Tom Gulitti. You may not like how Arnott wants to gauge interest first, but he's got the right.  Arnott does have a no movement clause, so he has the power as to whether a deal involving him happens or not.  Either with or without him, though, I think the Devils will do something on Monday.

In any case, I'd like to leave you with the following helpful links for the day for this open thread.

First, read this so you don't get dumb. Please, please, please don't get dumb here.  Do not post fake information or stuff from misleading sources.  You should also read the post for links to various trustworthy sources on Twitter and around the Internet. 

Second, like many sites, SBNation will be all over the deadline day action.  There's a story stream for all kinds of previews and relevant posts.   There's also a hub for all posts across the network involving the deadline.  There's plenty to read, which is perfect to fill that time before something happens.

Third, remember that CapGeek is an excellent resource for all cap information.  Here's the salary chart for the Devils, which details their space on the day and for future seasons.

Fourth, in case you're going to be busy with things like "school" or "work" or "family" or whatever and can't follow all of the news in real-time, there are trade trackers to bring you up to speed on the particulars of deals.   There are three good ones: the tracker at which goes back to February 1; the tracker at that goes as far back as January 1; and the tracker at which includes deals made in the entire 2010-11 season.

Commence the commenting.  If anything Devils-specific happens, just comment about it here.  We'll get a post up on it as soon as we can.

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