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Talking Red: Episode 22

This week's episode of Talking Red has it all.  Games. Players. Trade deadline chatter. Myself, Kevin, and Tom along with David Sarsh. All over Skype.  Here's the direct link to the episode on the Talking Red website.  It's 55:15 long and 25.29 MB large.  Here's David's description of the show.

In this week's episode David is joined by John, Kevin and eventually Tom from In Lou We Trust.  They discuss the three games and don't get that down from the loss. They also discuss the trade deadline and it's implications for the Devils. The group doesn't just discuss where the Devils lie and what they would do with players such as Jason Arnott, David Clarkson and Andy Greene. They also touch on what is going on with the teams around them.  Some of them are fading away but some are starting to heat up - basically there is still a big hill facing the team. David and Tom also reveal their soft spot for Chico and desire to get him on the show.

As usual, you can email your comments and questions to talkingred at gmail dot com or tweet them to @TalkingRed. After the jump, you can listen to a stream of this week's episode right here.  Feel free to add your comments on the show, and please feel free to discuss any of tonight's games in the comments as well. Consider this to be an open thread on top of the show.  If you're looking for my recap of the game, please click here.