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New Jersey Devils at Dallas Stars - Gamethread #60

The Time: 8:30 PM EST

The Broadcast: TV - Versus(HD) ; Radio - 660 AM WFAN

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils (25-30-4) at the Dallas Stars (31-22-6)

The Previews: My preview from earlier this morning is right here. Check out Defending Big D if you want to know about tonight's game from a Dallas perspective.

Gameday Info: As reported by Rich Chere earlier today, Jacques Lemaire wasn't pleased with the team's recent practices and he made his voice heard. How the players will respond will certainly be interesting. There may be one line up change, possibly Adam Mair in for Jacob Josefson. At least, that's what I would do. We shall see. Over on the Stars side, Mike Heika of the Dallas News confirmed that Jamie Benn will be back in the lineup and that Alex Goligoski will play tonight. The return of Benn should help their offense, at a minimum. How Goligoski looks early will be important to see. If he looks uncomfortable, then I would hope the Devils take full advantage before Mark Crawford tries to put him in a better spot. Incidentally, Heika likes the Devils' chances tonight.

A Song for Tonight: When I think of Dallas, I think of with mythical occult black/thrash metal. Don't you? Well, to be fair, neither do I. Here's Amy by Absu anyway.

A Second Thing I Wanted to Share: I found this through this tweet through Talking Red. It's a thing and I might as well as share it here. (Note: a few dirty words about 1:30 in thanks to the Bawse, but you'll "get" quickly enough.)

Please use this Gamethread to discuss what's going on in tonight's game between the Stars and the Devils. As always, please keep your comments clean, relevant, and legal. If you want to be negative; fine, but do be rational as nobody needs any nonsense from anyone. Go Devils!