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Hockey Weekend Across America - What's Your All Time Favorite Arena Experience?

Today is the second day of Hockey Weekend Across America. I hope you have a fun day yesterday wearing your favorite sweater around, especially those who wore a jersey and went to the Devils game last night. Here is John's recap on the great 1-0 win. I don't know how successful yesterday was around you (it certainly wasn't by me, but I'm in college football land), but I did see some people on TV rocking their sweaters. Writer/Director/Actor/Devils fan Kevin Smith was rocking a custom jersey on a late night show. The Jersey native is actually coming out with hockey movie titles "Hit Somebody" that is scheduled to be released in 2012. 

Today's theme from USA Hockey is "Bring a Friend to the Rink Day." Get a bunch of friends and/or family or someone who hasn't been to game or arena, and take them. Check out the local arena and go for an open skate. USA Hockey is holding a free clinic at thousands of arenas across the nation for four to eight year old kids. Have a kid, niece or nephew, who wants to learn how to play hockey? Today's a great day to get involved.

Is there is minor league game today in the area? Perhaps a college or high school game? Get the masses and check it out. Unfortunately the Devils are away tonight (Here's John's preview of the Devils-Canes game), so maybe check out the local rink today and hit up a bar or restaurant later on to watch the Devils. 

So since today is about arena experience, and about seeing the ice in person as men, women, and children compete and enjoy the great sport of hockey - Here at In Lou We Trust,we have one simple question to celebrate the second day of HWAA:  What's your most memorable arena experience?

Is it a Devils game? A cup clincher or a record breaking night? A game you played in where you scored the game winner or laid out the big check? Was it something more recent like your first game sitting in the Devils Supporters Group? Discuss game/arena experiences in the comments and celebrate hockey, as well as use this as an open thread for today. Keep it hockey related please. Happy Hockey Weekend Across America.