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Hockey Weekend Across America - What's Your All Time Favorite Sweater?

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Here's John's Devils vs Rags Preview

Today begins USA Hockey's 4th Annual Hockey Weekend Across America. It's a weekend to further promote the sport in all it's glory in all parts of the United States. Fans, rinks, and appropriate television stations will be showcasing what makes hockey such a great sport to play, watch, discuss, analyze, comment on, argue on, blog about, laugh about, cheer for, cry for, and scream for. This is a three day celebration of hockey, and no matter where you're from, we are all going to celebrate here at In Lou We Trust.

This year's weekend initiative is particularly special because the NHL, NBC and Versus are getting on board to help USA Hockey and the sport's identity. Different themed days will involve good times with friends and family, share great stories with fellow fans, and remember all time greats that you may have watched or even seen in person. It will cap off a great weekend with nine hours of live hockey on Sunday, with the main event being the Heritage Classic when the Montreal Canadians and Calgary Flames battle it off in McMahon Stadium.

Chris Peters from United States of Hockey shows you how you can get on board with this weekend's activities. Here's USA Hockey's Facebook page along with their Twitter page for all-weekend updates. The Today Show even put together a piece on hockey moms for, well, today's show. The NHL showcased Andy Greene on growing up in the States and becoming who he is today and Jersey's own James van Riemsdyk (yeah a Flyer...) on his experience growing up under USA Hockey.

Today's theme is "Wear Your Favorite Hockey Jersey." Chris from US of Hockey has his opinion on the hockey sweater that needs to be quoted:

The fact of the matter is, no other sport features its primary logo on a uniform as prominently as hockey does. The jersey is one of the great symbols of the team-first culture that endears hockey to so many fans. In what other sport is the jersey held in similar regard to the American or Canadian flag? Don’t step on the crest, logo out on the locker stall, don’t ever let that jersey hit the floor.

Go to work, class, lunch, whatever wearing your favorite sweater. Depending where you are, you may even see someone else in a jersey. Spark a conversation with them and talk some puck. While you're stuck indoors, check out some hockey jersey sites - Icethetics is a great jersey news and updates site where some guys submit some really neat concepts. Puckdrawn is another concept page and graphic designers compete in fake and sometimes real design competitions. I even put together a Devils 3rd Jersey concept (that I know will never happen). If you want to create your own (perhaps a Winter Classic concept?), let me know and I'll surely get you on the right path.

Since we all can't meet up and show off our Devils jerseys (though it would be a cool idea to get ILWT'ers together for some type of event), discuss hockey jerseys in the comments. What are you wearing today? Perhaps your newest jersey? Maybe your jersey when you were a kid (if you can still fit in it)? Maybe something crazy like the Ducks Wild Wing jersey? Do you have a favorite sweater you're waiting on or a favorite story regarding a sweater?

Discuss today's theme and treat this as an open thread for today but please keep it hockey related. If you want to discuss the Devils and Rangers game tonight, go to the preview. Happy Hockey Weekend Across America Everyone!