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Talking Red: Episode 20

With the lull in games, David Sarch, Tom Stivali, and myself got on Skype to record this week's episode of Talking Red.  Let us know how the sound quality is in the comments here, by tweeting @TalkingRed, or by emailing the show at TalkingRed at gmail dot com.    Here's a description of episode 20:

In this week's episode David is joined John and Tom from In Lou We Trust. They discuss how they are thrilled that the Devils took maximum points this week; but were a little more disappointed with the teams overall play.  They found the common thread throughout the games - good play by Ilya Kovalchuk, come back wins, poor play in the beginning of games, and good goaltending from Johan Hedberg.  The guys also share their personal outlooks on theplayoffs and why John and Tom believe the team should be sellers - but who exactly should they be selling?

As usual, you can download the show directly from the Talking Red website, get it through iTunes or Zune's marketplace, or you can continue after the jump for a stream of episode 20.