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Devils in the Details: 12/27/11- A Goalie Has More Goals than Scott Gomez Edition

A roundup of Devils links for today...

Recaps from last night's game [Fire and Ice][][Devils]

John MacLean's moved on since being fired as head coach. I wonder if Jamie Langenbrunner's still pouting about 2010 [Fire and Ice]

Ryan Carter's probably getting suspended [Fire and Ice]

Cam Ward now has more goals than Scott Gomez, which is the only thing funny I can find about this own goal [PHT]

Roadkill gets thrown on the ice [PHT]

ESPN ran a tribute to fallen athletes, yet they never made any mention of the numerous hockey players that passed away. So that leaves hockey fans to clean up ESPN's mess (reminder: Scott Burnside is still somehow employed by ESPN) [Broad Street Hockey]