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The Devils Supporter Section: Diablos 122 - November Report

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A little over a month ago, I wrote that the New Jersey Devils have created a supporters section for fans for every single home game. Last season saw these sections during "the run" in the second half of the season for certain games and it really caught on. Completely supported by the Devils organization and management, a season ticket offer to sit in a supporter section for every single home game was available. Meetings were held, captains were picks, and Diablos 122 was born on opening night.

As a member, I'd like to share with the rest of the fanbase and other NHL fans what we do, what we chant, and just an update on what's going on in our corner. I'll be doing this monthly - and over time time, with your input and critique, Diablos 122 could become the greatest thing for Devils fans when they attend the Rock.

After the jump is much more...

First off - I have to mention on what an amazing job the captains: Greg Kuhn, Mindy Drexel and Dennis Frazier are doing. Sacrificing their time, money, and energy to make the section even better day in and day out is truly amazing. If a good idea rises, they bring it up to the Devils and see what can work. It's happened a bunch of times already, and the Devils too have done their best to give us the best experience at games. It sometimes perceived that management and fans working together can cause problems. But everyone is looking for the same goal - having a great time at a Devils game. Stick tap to all.

Contact:  To hear on news and events or you would like to directly comment to the section: follow and/or like the Diablos 122 fan page on facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter (@Diablos122). If you have a good idea for a chant, a concern, a problem, or anything. I would go through these outlets. The captains run them, and as I said above, they take every idea and comment into consideration. We are always looking for new chants.

Events:  Last Sunday - Zach Parise was doing a signing at a sports store in Warren, NJ. The owners asked the Diablos to tailgate before and during the event. Parise even took a picture with the group. I wasn't able to make it - but a bunch of people did and they said they had a blast. I'd expect more of these events to come up as the season goes along.There are events in the works of doing an away game trip and a holiday event/viewing party. Once the details are out and/or they are open to the public - I'll be sure to let you guys/gals know. I know some of you are from out of state - so an away game trip may be in your area (which means you should go to the game and sit with the traveling Diablos if possible!).

Exposure/Tickets:  In the game against the Winnipeg Jets - MSG+ and Deb Placey did a piece on the section. A few things I do want to clarify that they got incorrect. We do not stand for certain parts of the game. We stand for the entire game.

Also, you don't have to be voted in to sit in the section. Everyone there is a season ticket holder and these people can get you into the sections at a certain price. I've known people who have gone into games and have moved into our section. I don't know the exact procedure of getting individual tickets in Diablos 122. But if you want to sit there - I would ask the box office to sit in or as close to section 122 they can get you.

The section could always use more people willing to stand, cheer, chant, be supportive and positive. A few games early on saw decent amounts but still a lot of holes. The last 2 or 3 games have had great turnouts. Friday against Washington is looking to be a good turnout as well.

Chants: I did this in the last post, but there are some updates. This isn't the be all end all list. There are specific times that we would like to do things as well. Here they are -

Start of game:  "Let's Go Devils" (clap-clap-clap,clap,clap)

When play resumes after 10:00 minute mark of every period: Baumann's Chant (you know Baumann). He's been doing the spell out of Devils ever since I was a fan. It's simple: "Give me a D; Give me a E, Give me a V...etc" Then to a "Let's Go Devils" This is tradition here, it must stay alive.

3:40 mark of every period: A 10 second countdown...

3:30 mark of every period: Constant noise and cheering for 30 seconds. This is new and it's awesome. It represents three Stanley Cups and 30 years of Devils hockey (1981-82 to 2011-12). The 30 can stand for Marty as well.

Note: The captains mentioned getting something on the jumbotron during this time to give the rest of the fans at the arena of what we are doing it for. The last couple games have seen a graphic "Diablos 122...Thirty Seconds...Raise Hell"  That's awesome.

Start of the 2nd and 3rd period: "I Believe In Jersey's Team!" It starts with the first word and progressively gets longer. We will do that if the team is down to start those periods. If the Devils are up or tied - "Let's Go Devils"

Last minute of game: Constant noise of cheering whether winning or losing (if the Devils are down one goal I assume). 

During penalty kill:  "Defense!" (clap-clap), "Clear That Puck"  "Kill" (horn/clap) "Kill" (horn/clap)..etc..

Opposing team penalty call:  "You Can't Do That" (clap-clap-clap,clap,clap)

Powerplay:  "Pass, Shoot, Score" (clap)

After Devils Goal and Song: [Chant Player Name]


"Go Devs Go"

"Here We Go Devils, Here We Go!" (clap-clap)

"De-vils Score-A-Goal....Odie-odie-odie-odie-ooooooooooooo" (repeat)

"Get One Back...Attack Attack Attack" (after a goal against)


So what do you think about some of the new chants? What are some new ones you came up with that you'd like to share? As I said - you can let the captains know via facebook/twitter, but you can always post them here and I can pass them along (I won't say I made it up...I promise).

For the people away from New Jersey and not able to attend games - have you heard anything over the television? Has the frequency of hearing chants increased this season? The section was to create a better atmosphere at games, but I'm curious to see what the people at home hear. Let us know int he comments! Let's Go Devils!