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The 2011-2012 New Jersey Devils Supporters Section

If you recall from last year, you may remember a bunch of home games in the second half of the season with ticket offers to sit in a section, stand all game, and scream your heart out for the New Jersey Devils. This was deemed the Supporters Section. Sort of like student sections at big time Division 1 colleges (like Rutgers or Syracuse - I did that for you John) or supporters clubs for soccer teams around the world - it's to create a positive atmosphere for the home team and wreak havoc for the visitors.  Almost a year ago, John had this idea for the Devils - in which it may enhance the game experience at Prudential Center. Only a couple months later, that idea became a reality, and on December 17th against Nashville, the supporters section was born.

A few more opportunities arose as the season went alone, and it became more and more popular - one game where the tickets were sold out in a mere few hours. The idea was a hit and it paid off. This year the supporters section will be around for even more game. How many you ask? All 41 home games.

I'm proud to say that not only am I season ticket holder for the first time in my life, but I am also apart of the inaugural supporters section. The seats were close to selling out when I bought them and that was over a month ago. It was a great deal - $1000 bucks for some very good seats. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. 

The section held meetings, picked three captains where they work hand and hand with Devils management and marketing. We had a decent turnout for the three preseason games, figuring out chants, names, and logos. After the jump is a little more information on the section and a breakdown of what you will be hearing from section 122.

[UPDATE:  My Devils Season Ticket Representative gave me a call today to let me and all of you know that if you are interesting in getting season tickets in the supporters section, there are still a few seats available.]

First - I want to give you some video evidence of how much fun this it looks. Example 1; Example 2; Example 3; Example 4. These were from last season at February 4th against Florida.

Also, I know everyone int he section that I have talked too is a season ticket holder. If you want to go to a game here or there, people are finding it difficult to sit in the same section. I have read that people are getting tickets around section 122 and may just converge over and be apart of the crowd. I will try and get more info on that for you guys and gals are interested. Section 122 is in the corner behind the net where the Devils defend twice.

The Captains - Greg Kuhn, Mindy Drexel and Dennis Frazier. They were voted by their fellow peers and have done a great job so far. I've talked with them a few times and any information they get, they are willing to tell  me so I can let all of you guys know too. Greg sent out the welcome email and I want a share a blurb from that:

It’s important to remember what our job as Devil supporters is. We are there to support our team, and help breathe some life into an otherwise quiet hockey arena. Let’s not try to change the world of hockey , but to support our team, wreck the moral of the opposing team and gain the respect and admiration of 17,000 plus hockey fans, that hopefully will want to be like us and join the ranks. Don’t forget, hockey fans, not just Devil fans will see our efforts and maybe we can be the premiere example of a fan supporter section that will spread to other NHL teams.

I really took this in becuase of a number of reasons. We do want the respect of the rest of the Devils fanbase. We want the other fans in the arena to join in on our chants and screams and whatnot and make The Rock a difficult place to play in. Maybe it will the Devils perform and give them an extra boost in their play, and maybe it won't - but having 17,625 people on your side never hurts.

The Name - The group will not be called the Devils Supporters Section. The captains and the group have brainstormed a number of ideas and we have come up with one. I can't tell you, becuase it will be released during Opening Night. I will tell you it's a pretty sick name. I will though tell you after the game. Once the name is released, there will be a public facebook group in which I ask you to join. I'm going to bring up getting a twitter account for the section as well.

The Rules - Yes there are rules: From the same email from Greg:


All section members must follow these rules:

-Wear red and/or be in Devils gear.
-Remain standing for all three periods and be ready to chant the whole game.
-Take part in all chants with the section.
-Be LOUD in your support of your Devils!
-NO leaving the game early!
-DO NOT sell your tickets to fans who are not willing to abide by the above rules.
-DO NOT sell your tickets to fans of the opposing team.

Pretty straight forward if you ask  me. The last one would be stupid to do. Why would a fan of the visiting team want to sit around a bunch of standing Devils fans? A dumb one, that's who.

The Logo - A logo for the section will also be reveled on Opening Night. There has been some issues between the group and the Devils but that will happen when things start fresh. I've got a sneak peak of it and it's really nice. I can't wait until it's on a t-shirt.

The Chants - This isn't the be all end all list. More chants will probably be created but like i said, we only had three games to try out the things we had. There are specific times that we would like to do things as well. Here they are -

Start of game:  "Let's Go Devils" (clap-clap-clap,clap,clap)

When play resumes after 10:00 minute mark of every period: Baumann's Chant (you know Baumann). He's been doing the spell out of Devils ever since I was a fan. It's simple: "Give me a D; Give me a E, Give me a V...etc" Then to a "Let's Go Devils" This is tradition here, it must stay alive.

3:40 mark of every period: A 10 second countdown...

3:30 mark of every period: Constant noise and cheering for 30 seconds. This is new and it's awesome. It represents three Stanley Cups and 30 years of Devils hockey (1981-82 to 2011-12). The 30 can stand for Marty as well.

Start of the 2nd and 3rd period: "I Believe That We Will Win!" It starts with the first word and progressively gets longer. We will do that if the team is down to start those periods. If the Devils are up or tied - "Let's Go Devils"

Last minute of game: Constant noise of cheering whether winning or losing (if the Devils are down one goal I assume). 

During penalty kill:  "Defense!" (clap-clap), "Clear That Puck"  "Kill" (horn/clap) "Kill" (horn/clap)..etc..

Opposing team penalty call:  "You Can't Do That" (clap-clap-clap,clap,clap)

Powerplay:  "Pass, Shoot, Score" (clap)

After Devils Goal and Song: [Chant Player Name] (clap-clap-clap,clap,clap)


"Go Devs Go"

"Here We Go Devils, Here We Go!" (clap-clap)

Whistle Melody- "Rangers Suck"


The list will probably change, and I will keep you updated when that happens. If you have any ideas, let us know in the comments. Your opinions on these also matter - the section wants feedback and what works and what doesn't.

So fellow Devils fans - what do you think of the Rock having a section like this for all 41 games? Will it work like last year? Will it get watered down? What are some things you want to see from us? The better criticism we get will only make the group better. Thanks for reading.