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Help Yourself & Help Others by Taking this SBN Survey

Do you have 5-10 minutes? Do you want to have some sort of input on how SB Nation operates? Do you want a chance to help someone else at the same time?

If the answer to those questions are yes, then please fill out the following survey for SB Nation.   SB Nation is running this survey to hear your opinions and feedback about your experience on this and other SB Nation sites.  Like any good company, they're always looking for improvement be it in the user experience, navigation, brand integration, and other areas.  But they'll need your opinion to help that along.  All survey responses will be confidential and, again, the survey will not take long to do.   Let me put it this way: It took me more time to put up this post than to fill it out the survey.

As an additional incentive, SB Nation will contribute $500 in the charity of choice of the top 3 SB Nation sites with the highest percentage of completed surveys.  Should In Lou We Trust make the top 3, that money will be going to the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

I'm also going to offer a further incentive that I just feel like implementing, if 100 ILWT users fill out the survey by Friday at 5 PM EST, I will personally contribute $450.  I'm relying on the honor system here, so to get that 100 that means you'll have to comment in this post that you filled out the survey.  I think it can be done, since there are at least 2,000 of you users out there.  Please only fill out the survey once; and remember to answer the first question with "In Lou We Trust."    Thank you for reading.