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Upgraded & Free: SB Nation iPhone App v1.1 Released Today

Ladies and gentlemen of the In Lou We Trust reader base, I'm pleased to announced that SB Nation has released an upgraded version of their iPhone application today.  It's version 1.1 and it comes with plenty of new features.  Here's a summary of the updates for the free SB Nation iPhone applicatoin

  • Comments load faster.
  • The ability to jump to the next unread comment. (like when you hit 'Z' while reading comments)
  • The ability to mark all comments as read. (like you do by hitting Shift+'A')
  • The ability to respond to comments in-line (like the reply button)
  • The ability to read FanPosts
  • Comes with an in-app browser
  • Compatible with iOS 5
  • Colors as the same as the blog

Blog colors? That's right, now the app comes in the glorious colors of this blog, which are the same glorious colors of our favorite hockey team.  A picture of it is after the jump.


The Android users (like myself) are not forgotten.  An application is still in development for that platform.  It is expected to be released by the holidays this year.

Please leave any comments you have about the updated application here; and rate the application to your liking.  This is not the final update for the iPhone, so your feedback could very well help out in version 1.2.  Again, you can get it at the App Store on your iPhone (search for "SB Nation") or go right to this link and download it for your iPhone.