Fraser and Pelley - what next?

So both were waived and cleared waivers back on October 4.  However, neither was sent down, as it looks like the Devils (who also own the Albany team) do not want to pay NHL salaries for playes in the AHL. 

Under the waiver rules, as I understand it, they can only stay up for 30 days or 10 games, whichever is sooner.  I am not sure if games where they are scratched count toward the 10 games, I would think they do.  Regardless, at the most, in early November, something has to happen with them.

What is the consensus among this group?  Will Lou just immediately put them on recall waivers, in which case either could be picked up by another team, and if I finally have the waiver process figured out, we will be stuck with half their cap hit and half their salary?  Or will they get sent to the minors at that point? 

What if they get put on re-entry and nobody takes them, then what?  Do they end up just staying up for the season?  If the decision has not been made that they are not considered viable players, then why were they waived in the first place?  Just as a favor to the players to allow them to get picked up with another team?

Sorry with all the questions.

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