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Win 2 Free New Jersey Devils Tickets from TiqIQ/SB Nation in the #TakeASeat Contest

SB Nation and TiqIQ have been working together in promoting what the aftermarket has to offer in ticket sales for various sporting events. You may have seen their modules on other SBN blogs like Bloody Elbow, for example. Thanks to that partnership, there is a contest running across the SBN Hockey network where you can win two free tickets to a regular season game in December/January.  I repeat: you can win two free tickets to a New Jersey Devils game.  Entering the contest is free and all it requires is Twitter and some prognostication.  Here are the instructions on how to enter:

  1. Follow @TiqIQ on Twitter.

  2. Tweet the blog @InLouWeTrust with the name of the player you think will be leading the Devils in penalty minutes as of November 30, 2011; the number of penalty minutes he'll have on that date; and the hashtag #TakeASeat.  Here's the whole format: @InLouWeTrust (name of Devil), (amount of PIM), #TakeASeat.

  3. Tweet the above in that format on or before October 31, 2011.  The contest is officially open now, so you can get started today.

The following picture explains the same but also provides an example:


Remember: whoever matches the player leading the Devils in penalties by the end of November and their PIM will win.  Yes, you must get both the player and minutes exactly right; being close without going over will just be that - close without going over.  The winner will be announced on December 9, 2011.   

Good luck!