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Talking Red Episode 14

David, Ryan, and myself got together earlier today to record the latest episode of Talking Red.  Here's the direct link to download the file at the TR site; this week, it's 40.3 MB large and 44:02 long.  With two good efforts and an actual win by the New Jersey Devils, there was a lot less to mope and criticize about.  Here's a few things to listen for in this episode:

  • How good the Devils looked in their loss against the Rangers and the win against Atlanta.
  • How much better the defense looked in those two games.
  • How bad this team was - especially in the first period - against Carolina.
  • How much Jamie Langenbrunner has improved in these last three games.
  • How confusing the decision was to have Nick Palmieri come in for Vladimir Zharkov amid talk about other younger Devils players (e.g. Jacob Josefson, Matt Taormina)
  • And so much more...

Please submit your questions and comments for the show on Twitter to @TalkingRed or by e-mail at talkingred AT   Thank you to David and Ryan for putting together another fine podcast and having me on this week.  Please feel free to comment on this week's episode in the comments.