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Talking Red Episode 15

David Sarch and I recorded this week's episode of Talking Red yesterday before the Tampa Bay game; a 6-3 win by the Devils, recapped on this site by Matt.  Therefore, the show focuses on the loss to Minnesota, the losses to Philadelphia, why the second loss to the Flyers wasn't as bad as the first, a brief rant by yours truly about Adam Mair and Vladimir Zharkov, and chatter about the Jamie Langenbrunner trade.

As usual, you can download it at the Talking Red website, check it out on iTunes or Zune, or continue after the jump for a stream of the podcast right here at In Lou We Trust.   As always, please submit your questions and comments for the show on Twitter to @TalkingRed or by e-mail at talkingred AT   Thanks to David for putting together another fine podcast and having me on this week.  Please feel free to comment on this week's episode in the comments. 

While I'm at it, let me tell you about my time in Section 107 yesterday evening.    While a bit disjointed between 107 and 106, there was a significant supporter presence and I'd be shocked if they couldn't be heard.  I wish more in the section - namely 107 - felt inspired to join in by yelling and standing for the whole game.  I guess a good portion of those in 107 weren't expecting the supporters being, well, supportive.   In due time, they'll accept it instead of disregarding it (I'm used to it in my corner of  Sec.133 at Red Bull Arena).

All the same, I had a lot fun hollering chants and making reference to Dan Ellis Problems (e.g. stopping shots) at full volume along with the others in other end of 107 and the back of 106.  I hope the group is able to do this more often and that the team encourages this at future games.  Thanks to Joe, Adam, and everyone else who showed up to be heard on Sunday evening.