Past #2 Seeds the following year

So, other than hit refresh 10,000 times, hoping Kovy is finally officially a Devil, what is one to do in August. How about waste time with somewhat pointless hockey stats

I happened to check back through the playoff history since the 93 season and the realigned playoff structure. Turns out only 2 number one seeds in the Eastern Conference have failed to make the playoffs the following season - the 03/04 Bruins did not make it in teh 05/06 season (of course I did not count the cancelled season) and the 05/06 Hurricanes also did not make it the following year.

Western conference was even more straightforward. Every 2 seed has made the playoffs the following year.

This kind of stat is not based on a huge population so hard to say how predictive it is. But on the surface, Devils would have to fall off much harder than almost any other two seed has to miss the playoffs

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