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NHL National TV Schedule Released: The Results for the Devils

Today the NHL has released their National TV Schedule for the 2010-2011 NHL season. The Devils will be on National TV quite a few times this season, with competition varying from the most popular teams to the least popular teams (if not the least popular team in the league).

The Devils will could have up to three games on NBC's flex schedule: January 23rd against the Florida Panthers, March 20th against the Columbus Blue Jackets and April 10th against the Boston Bruins.

The Devils also feature 5 games on Versus that will be nationally televised: November 21st against the Capitals, January 4th against the Wild, January 26th against the Red Wings, February 22nd against the Stars, and April 5th against the Penguins.

While there are a lot of games on Hockey Night in Canada (CBC), The Devils make two appearances: February 6th and April 2nd, both games being against the Montreal Canadiens.

On TSN, the Devils will be featured three times: November 24th against the Flames, February 10th against the Maple Leafs and April 6th against the Leafs again.The Devils make a few more appearances on TSN2, but most of those games are also on Versus.