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Free Agency Frenzy 2010 Day 2 Open Thread: Will the Devils make any moves today?

Good morning everyone please use this thread for any news that comes up today.  Will Ilya Kovalchuk re-sign?  Will we see any major trades?  Are you still as psyched about the Volchenkov signing as I am?  Sound off below!

Same Rules as Yesterday as per John:

Please use this post as an open thread for all NHL Free Agency discussion.   Talk about what other teams are doing, talk about what you want to see from the Devils, talk about trades, talk about how you feel about pending FAs from NJ and as long as it's about NHL free agency.  Please follow the rules at all times, and please, please, please do not report rumors as news or fake news.  Link to sources (actually link to them, don't just dump the URL in the text box and hit post - this includes Tweets); give credit to sources; and actually listen to good, reliable people (e.g. Gulitti, Chere, anyone at TSN or CBC, CapGeek, Not Hockeybuzz).  This gives respect to the sources and let's everyone who's reading this know what's really up.