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Devils News Slapshot: John MacLean Named Head Coach

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(When some news comes about, many links around the internet come in. To organize things on the big announcements, here's a quick links post or a "News Slapshot").

Devils Hire John MacLean as Head Coach:   Here's the AP article on Yahoo. Some good information and quotes here. This was the forth time MacLean has been a coaching candidate. He's the first Devils player to become head coach of the team.

Larry Robinson named Top Assistant Coach:   This certainly deserves attention. We all love Mr. Robinson, and it's great to see him behind the bench again. The 2nd assistant has not been named yet. Chris Terreri will be the Goaltending Coach. Scott Stevens, Tommy Albelin, and Mario Tremblay all remain in the organization.

Mac Liked His Chances; How Much Will Marty Play?:   The season in Lowell as head coach obviously helped MacLean, but he admits it was needed to become a coach in the NHL. Also, he isn't afraid to bring up Martin Brodeur's playing time.

Langenbrunner Likes the Hire; Haviland Never a Candidate:   Well Captain America approves of this hire, which is good. We all know the animosity Jamie's had in the past with his coaches. MacLean and Jamie were teammates in Dallas during the 2000-01 season. Jamie Langenbrunner will still wear the 'C'.

Parise Hopes Mac Brings the Offense; Lou: Our Style is Winning:   Zach Parise also likes this hire, and hope Mac's age will bring an offensive style to the Devils. MacLean and Lou seem to be on the same page as to how to run the team and what the objective is. 

Analysis and more to come later tonight on the big hire. If any other articles emerge, we'll be sure to add them.

UPDATE: Got a hold of a video of the press conference. It's after the jump.

Here's the video of the hire below on NJDTV. There's a few more videos on the side. MacLean looks likes he's trying to hide his smile as Lou announces his name during the press conference.