Gulitti: MacLean's time has arrived


Mac is the man per Gulitti. Thanks to CJRichey for the fanshot below to the Devils site. Updated 2:45 PM EST: Gulitti reports via Twitter: that Larry Robinson will be MacLean's top assistant. Updated 1:45PM EST: No word on a press conference audio or video link yet, but if something pops up I will be sure to post it. Updated: Press conference is at 2pm EST, I will try to update with a video or audio link if the press conference is streamed anywhere. InstantReaction: I really like this and I thought the Devils needed a certain level of continuity to the staff and I am hopeful Stevens and Albelin will be around. The question I am sure Lou asked him that I am most concerned about is: What will he bring to the table that will get the Devils past the 1st round? This is certainly going to be an interesting new chapter in Devils history, with the window closing on the Brodeur/Elias/White/Langenbrunner era and the opening of a new era with Parise and all of our young prospects.