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ILWT Audition Conclusion: 3 New Front Page Writers

Well, the last time I did a post like this, I used this picture of Zach with the kids.  Why not use it again? Zach Parise is for the children! (Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images for the New Jersey Devils)
Well, the last time I did a post like this, I used this picture of Zach with the kids. Why not use it again? Zach Parise is for the children! (Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images for the New Jersey Devils)
Andy Marlin/Getty Images for the

Back on May 26, 2010, I put up a post requesting new writers from the In Lou We Trust community.  The rules were detailed, no compensation was promised outside of being able to write on the front page, and I allowed a little less than 2 weeks for audition posts to be showcased.

I received 7 entries from ILWT users - both relatively new and long standing users.  I've posted them up throughout the last week to gauge an initial reaction.  I decided to select 3 writers out of the 7, however let it be said that I'm very appreciative of all 7 users who had the courage and put the time & effort in to write an audition post at all. 

I don't want to hear about how so-and-so shouldn't have bothered to enter. I don't want to hear sniping on who did and did not get selected. If anything, all 7 deserve some sort of gratitude for taking a chance to put something together and willing to have it privately and publicly judged.  I certainly am thankful for their efforts, you should be too. (It also goes without saying that I won't be second guessed on these decisions.)

Therefore, it is only right that I actually point out who wrote what so they get their deserved recognition.

First, those who did not get selected:

Writer A: What Exactly is Wrong with the Devils by user mpavlic

Writer B: How the Devils Market Themselves by user jweinstein116

Writer E: What the Young New Jersey Devils Could Become by mtorino75

Writer F: Rising or Falling: A Quick Review of the Devils NHL-ish Players by C.J.Richey121

I've updated their posts to include their user name in place of the general Writer A, B, E, or F.  Again, regardless of how well it was received, I encourage them to keep contributing to the site if the mood so strikes them.  After all, none of this is forever. I can always add writers if need be.  Again, they should be lauded for making the attempt, regardless of what you may have felt about the post.

Now, here are the new front page writers and their audition posts. Again, these posts have been updated to include their names:

Writer C: Rockin' The Rock: A Look at the Devils Attendance at Prudential Center by Matthew "njdNYG'cuse" Ventolo

Writer D: How Much is David Clarkson Worth? by Kevin "Space Weed" Sellathamby

Writer G: If Paul Martin Returns to the New Jersey Devils, What About the Rest of the Defense? by Tom "wingfan122" Stivali

Yes, those are their real names and you should see them shortly, as all three will write under them.  I note their handles to emphasize that, yes, all have been users of ILWT.  Each has been selected based on what they showed me and what roles they can fulfill.  That will be revealed soon enough, and will appear as writers beginning tomorrow.  At a minimum, you'll see more than just my perspective and Tibbs' news posts in the near future and going forward through the next season.  I feel this is necessary to continue to make In Lou We Trust the standout New Jersey Devils blog (not done by Tom Gulitti or Rich Chere).

Overall, I am very heartened that the community has grown enough that people would be interested in writing on the front page and that there are users who clearly deserve it. 

Congratulations to Matthew, Kevin, and Tom; and, of course, thank you to all 7 users who auditioned at all.

And if you're wondering about hockey-related content, well, I hope you're interested in a NHL Draft because short of any big news happening, that will be my main focus up until June 26.