Thoughts on Trading Parise?

tI'm really curious what some of you on here think about trading Zach Parise?

Ever since the Pens were eliminated they have been subjected to loads of people, blogs and reporters questioning if it's time to perhaps trade Malkin for a capable winger to play with Crosby and allow Staal to assume the #2 role. The NY Post's Larry Brooks casually floated a comment in a recent column that were that to happen the Pens would need to be getting back a player of Zach Parise's caliber at least.

Then today, Tom Gulitti reported on Parise recently firing his agent and not expecting Lou to really engage him in contract extension talks this Summer. His reasoning is that Lou has never done this with any players a year before they were slated to be free agents (actually I think Marty is the lone exception). This article of course got the comments section on Fire & ice all riled up (and I'm sure will continue to do so all week) with some people preaching there's no need for alarm and others just indulging in paranoia.

Personally, I can't help but have noticed what I feel is some frustration in Parise's comments as of late regarding how the team and management view him and his role. It really makes me wonder if he does want to stay here, even if the Devils hold all the leverage in that decision. Granted, Zach is not a FA this year and there doesn't need to be any real reason for Lou to try and sign him to an extension RIGHT NOW... but does it make any one else wonder why not? Precedents have been made league wide with young stars/futures of the franchises locked up to lengthy extensions even before they become RFAs.

If NJ does view Zach as an integral part of the organization's future why not lock him up now? Show him that the organization values him, is planning a future around him AND as a result allow them to plan said future with the knowledge that Zach will be on the team and his cap hit will already be accounted for.

Brook's comment, combined with Gulatti's report today (which also stated that the Devils has begun contract negotiations with Kovalchuk) really made me curious about how other Devil fans felt were NJ to go and trade Zach for a guy like Evgeni Malkin?

What if the new direction and shake-up is something like keeping Kovalchuk and pairing him with Malkin at the cost of Parise? Gulatti even commented that he felt were NJ offered that trade they'd accept it in a heartbeat. But how would you guys feel about it?

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