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Weekend GameThread Heads Up: Comments for Charity

This weekend, the New Jersey Devils will play their final two games of the season.  It'll be Fan Appreciation Weekend as the Devils will take on the New York Islanders on Saturday at 7 PM EDT and the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday at 5 PM EDT. Here at In Lou We Trust, it's going to be Commenting for Charity Weekend.

For each comment posted on both GameThreads, I will be contributing an additional $0.15 to TEAMJLO, an ovarian cancer education and fund raising group.

The organization was set up by the Lopez family in honor of their mother and friend, Janice Lopez - the aforementioned JLO - who was struck by ovarian cancer several years ago. While Janice Lopez is no longer with us, the fight against ovarian cancer continues.  Incidentally, I've contributed to them in the past and know the Lopez family personally, so while it's a smaller outfit, they are involved in the fight.  They've been working together with the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation since 2005 as well as the Kaleidoscope of Hope (link goes to NJ affiliate).

If you can't come and comment, feel free to check out the above links where you can find information on donation.

If you do plan on commenting, great.  If you want to tell your friends and others about it, then great.  I'll even temporarily remove the wait period for users to become active tomorrow in advance for the weekend.  All I ask is that for both days that you follow the rules - seriously, no spam, not even well-intentioned spam , it'll just slow things down - and avoid posting images as it'll slow down the threads.   Should this go smoothly, I'll try to do this sort of thing a more in the future.  

In the meantime, let's end the season cheering on the Devils for success while doing a little good.