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Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Game 4 - New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers


Radio: 1130 AM Bloomberg Radio

Preview: Here's the preview I wrote earlier. Here's a link to Broad Street Hockey.

Other Playoff Games:

Phoenix Coyotes @ Detroit Red Wings (Coyotes lead series 2-1), 6:30 PM EDT, TSN

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators (Penguins lead series 2-1), 7:00 PM EDT, VERSUS, CBC

Chicago Blackhawks @ Nashville Predators (Series tied at 1-1), 9:00 PM EDT, VERSUS, TSN

San Jose Sharks @ Colorado Avalanche (Avalanche lead series 2-1), 10:00 PM EDT, CBC, VERSUS

Song to Get You Pumped Up for This One: Like you need a song, but here's a mindset to have: Overkill's Wrecking Crew.

Join me in the comments tonight. Remember to keep all comments clean, generally on-topic, and generally civil. Yes, the playoffs are nerve-wrecking; but let's display stronger nerves. Of course, support the right team: Go Devils!