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Eastern Conference Quarterfinal - Game 3 (Series Tied 1-1), Devils at Philadelphia Flyers


Radio: Bloomberg 1130 AM

Previews: Check out Fischer's here, and the boys from Broad Street Hockey.

Other Playoff Games:

Phoenix vs. Detroit, 3:00 PM ET, NBC/TSN

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa, 6:30 PM ET, VERSUS/CBC

Nashville vs. Chicago, 8:30 PM ET, VERSUS/TSN

San Jose vs. Colorado, 9:30 PM ET, VERSUS/CBC

Song to Get You Pumped Up: Here's the new Gaslight Anthem single, "Bring it On".

Special Editor Note: Hey, here's another video to pump you up - filled with the "75-25" crowd in Game 2 (so says this analyst) I found on Youtube. Notice Skoula's stickcheck and Kovalchuk's movement for the game-icing goal.

Join me and Fischer in the comments. We're tightening up the rules a bit here during the postseason, but in a way softening a bit. Outbursts of frustration may be a little more accepted. Conversation with Flyers fans entering our humble abode is fine, but please keep from trolling. You will still keep it clean, and no tangents beyond the scope of our discussion (i.e. Stanley Cup Playoff talk only). All in all, have fun and go Devils. If it's better than my love, baby, bring it on.