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Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, Best of Seven Series - Game 1, Devils vs. Philadelphia Flyers

TV: MSG Plus (HD), TSN (HD) in Canada, and if you live in Pittsburgh, they will be showing the game on VERSUS instead of a blackout during their telecast of the Pens-Sens game.

Radio: 970 AM

Previews: Fischer's is read-able here. Broad Street Hockey talks trash* from the other side. Get to know them.

*The BSH people talk trash about as well as the Flyers do in the postseason. Take it with a rolling of the eyes - JF.

Other Games of Note

Game 1, Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM ET, VERSUS/CBC

Game 1, Detroit vs. Phoenix, 10:00 PM ET, VERSUS/TSN

Game 1, Colorado vs. San Jose, 10:30 PM ET, CBC/Center Ice/GameCenterLive/VERSUS JIP

Magical Soundbites: Fischer will talk about the series on WCWP 88.1FM on your radio dial at about 6:15ish, while I appear on the Broad Street Hockey podcast to talk some game of my own.

Song to Get You Pumped Up: There are no deep thoughts needed for the greatest tournament in sports. But here's Angels and Airwaves' "Young London", which is remarkable in how it manages to so thoroughly rip off the opening of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck.

That all said, join me in the comments, with Fischer popping in from his perch at The Rock. We're tightening up the rules a bit here during the postseason, but in a way softening a bit. Outbursts of frustration may be a little more accepted. Conversation with Flyers fans entering our humble abode is fine, but please keep from trolling. Try and keep it clean, and no tangents beyond the scope of our discussion (i.e. Stanley Cup Playoff talk only). All in all, have fun and go Devils. Suit up boys, it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs and it freaks me out!