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Game #82 - Devils vs. Buffalo Sabres

The Time: 5 PM EDT/4 PM PDT -- TV: MSG Plus (HD) -- Radio: 660 AM WFAN

The Previews: Here's my preview from earlier this morning; check out Die By the Blade for Sabres-based opinions.

A Song to Pump You Up: You know, Fischer thinks this song rules so he's running with it again: "Ironbound" by Overkill. (Steve's Note: Get it, because he's using it a lot!)

Other Games of Note: In terms of potential playoff opponents, the only game that matters is the Philadelphia Flyers playing the New York Rangers. A Devils win means this game matters little to any of us, but a 1-point game and if the Rangers win, we get Montreal and if the Flyers win, we get the Flyers. So there you go. Feel free to discuss the game here.

This Is A Charitable GameThread: For each comment posted on this GameThread, I will be contributing an additional $0.15 to TEAMJLO, an ovarian cancer education and fund raising group. So far, $48.30 has been raised. Let's up this amount today.

The organization was set up by the Lopez family in honor of their mother and friend, Janice Lopez - the aforementioned JLO - who was struck by ovarian cancer several years ago. While Janice Lopez is no longer with us, the fight against ovarian cancer continues. They've been working together with the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation since 2005 as well as the Kaleidoscope of Hope (link goes to NJ affiliate).

Special Rules for the Charitable GameThread: First, please no images in the comments, that will just slow down the GameThread. Second, please don't spam the GameThread with pointless comments. There's 7 other games going on today - including this one. Surely, you can say something about the Devils, Sabers, this game, or some other NHL game (e.g. Rangers-Flyers). Let's do some more good today, let's not do it by being a pain to others.

Standard Ending Message: As always, please keep the comments clean, relevant to some hockey game, and civil. Go Devils!