Will home games help

OK, so I have been as pessimistic as most regarding what has now gone beyond a slump and to outright, this is not a good team

But I happened to take a quick look a the 20 games again since that great win over the Rangers. Check this out

We know the Devils are 6-12-2 in that 20 game stretch

But here is what I did not realize before looking at it. Of that, road record is 2-10-1. Even in this hideous stretch, they are 4-2-1 at home.

They do play 10 of the last 18 at home.

I am at the game on Wednesday. I am definitely discouraged, and definitely lacking in confidence, but I am going to be screaming my head off against the Rangers. Whether we are frustrated or not, as fans, the only thing we can do at this point is get behind this team and try to help them get their confidence back.

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