Devils in on Kovy talks?

ESPN's Rumor Central is claiming the Devils might be in on the Kovalchuk trade talks.

"The New York Rangers have reportedly offered a package to theAtlanta Thrashers for Ilya Kovalchuk, but the New York Post reports that they were "low-ball" offers. (Plus, New York may not have enough assets to trade for him.) Meanwhile, the Post writes that Thrashers GM Don Waddell was scouting the Los Angeles Kings, which might mean he's cherry-picking the guys he wants in a deal with L.A.

But what about their rivals from across the Hudson River? We've heard rumblings that the Devils might step up to the plate for Kovalchuk (and Denis Potvin mentioned the possibility on XM radio on Tuesday), in spite of the fact that Lou Lamoriello usually stays away from the big-ticket players at the trade deadline. The organization is usually pretty quiet about deals until they come to pass, but this would be a very surprising move for a team that rarely chases superstars and their pricey contract demands."

What does everyone else think, the idea of Kovalchuk in a Devils jersey for the playoffs this year gives me a boner. Weigh in below.

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