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In Lou We Trust Apparel Now On Sale

You've read the blog.  You've looked at the analyses and opinions.  You've commented on the site, contributed to posts and GameThreads, and maybe even posted a FanPost or a FanShot.  You may have even told your friends, co-workers, your significant others, and someone you kind of know but not really about the site. You clearly are a hardcore New Jersey Devils fan.

Why not tell the world about it with an In Lou We Trust shirt?  

No, really, there is now In Lou We Trust apparel, on sale at SBN Hockey Stores, the online retailer for all SBN hockey-blog apparel.   Read on to learn more about the first design available in stores now.


SBN and WebStoresCorp have partnered up to design and sell apparel (mostly shirts) that appeal to fans of the team as well as the blog itself.

The above is the T-shirt version of the first design to be offered: the "hard core" logo shirt.  It's like the logo of In Lou We Trust at the top left, only without the flames in the background.  To make up for that, the red shirt suffices to highlight the name as well as allow you to Rock Your Red.

This is the "Hard Core" shirt for a reason, and this also explains the central part of the logo. It's inspired by the common usage of hardcore scene representation (e.g. NYHC) with the letters split up around an X.  Given that this is a blog by a hardcore New Jersey Devils fan and it's likely to be read by fans who are also hardcore, those who may one day be hardcore Devils fans, and those who want to know or share their opinions from hardcore fans, I think it's a very appropriate logo.  I do not intend any disrespect to any scenes, so please don't take offense, hardcore fans. Also, you don't need to listen to hardcore to wear the shirt. There's also a dual meaning, as NJHC also stands for New Jersey Hockey Club; which are, of course, the Devils. 

Besides, I think it looks real cool, above all.

This design is not just limited to t-shirts, the store offers this in a long-sleeved shirt, a ladies' style, a cut-off style, youth sizes, sweatshirts, and even hooded sweatshirts.  Big thanks to WSC for putting the design together and setting up the store.

Let me know what you think about the shirt in the comments (Except prices. I can't do anything about prices.)  A widget on the left side will appear shortly, but there's a direct link to the store in the meantime. Tell your friends about it, and please consider buying a shirt.  If this first design does well, more designs will be created and available for purchase.