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NHL Game Discussion

The New Jersey Devils aren't playing tonight, but that doesn't mean fellow Devils fans can't get together to discuss tonight's NHL games here at In Lou We Trust. There's only four games tonight, including a game featuring the New York Islanders whom the Devils play tomorrow night. They play the Tampa Bay Lightning on MSG+ at 7:00 p.m. EST.

From The Rink (SB Nation's NHL Blog) has a SBN Gameday post for tonight's games for all your information. Also, if anyone is interested, the second episode of Pens Caps 24/7 is airing on HBO at 10 p.m. EST. Here is the first episode (language warning). You'll be able to see the Capitals reaction to their win against the Devils last night.

Consider this a Gamethread for Devils' fans and others for NHL game nights when the Devils are off. Please use this Gamethread to discuss what's going on in the games. As always, please keep your comments clean, relevant, and legal. Obviously discussing the Devils is fine. If you want to be negative; fine, but do be rational as nobody needs any nonsense from anyone.